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Egg tray fruit tray production line
Pulp model egg tray, egg box, fruit tray production line is waste newspaper, waste packaging paper, waste printing paper and various paper products as the main raw material, through hydraulic pulper crushing, filtering, water injection and other processes to prepare a certain concentration of pulp, and then on a special metal mold through vacuum adsorption wet blank Products, and then the wet products into drying, hot pressing type.

The pulp model production line manufactured by our company can produce the following products:

1, pulp model egg tray (30 pieces)

2. Pulp model egg boxes (6, 10, 12, 15, 18).

3. Pulp model fruit holder (apple, Gan, pear, tomato, etc.)

4, the paper will model coffee (2 and 4).

5, some medical products and large quantities of formulated pulp molded products.


1, the main raw materials are waste paper, rich in sources and low in price, which is a comprehensive development and utilization of waste.

2, the production process of water is closed recycling, no waste water, exhaust emissions. Pulp moulded products can be recycled and recycled after ordinary use. Abandoned in the natural environment, it can be degraded and can be recycled.

3, the main drying energy can be gas, biomass, powder, kerosene, steam, firewood and so on. Customers can choose according to the local energy advantages, if the investment cost of heating users through the boiler, the site will be relatively increased.

4. Tray products have been used worldwide for more than 60 years. It has become an ideal product for packaging eggs and fruits with good protective performance and low price.

5. Investors can choose the most suitable complete set of equipment according to the actual situation of product demand and capital investment in their own market. Our company can tailor the best matching plan to our customers according to their actual situation.

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