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Egg tray production line
Our company has different market demands for pulp models, egg receptacles, egg boxes and fruit receptacles according to different customers. At the same time, we also have different production factors for local energy, such as artificial, site and climate. Therefore, we need pulp model egg tray, pulp model egg box, pulp model fruit holder and so on. The specifications of the production line also need to be diversified. To this end, our company has developed a variety of pulp model production lines to meet the needs of different customers.


ET 1200 piece / hour automatic pulp production line

Automatic production line of ET 2000 pulp model

ET 3600 terminal model automatic production line

ET 4300 200~220 km water 1.3~1.5 tons

ET 5000 210~240 km water 1.4~1.6 tons

ET 5400 260~320 km water 1.5~1.8 tons

ET 6000 260~320 km water 1.8~2.3 tons

ET 7200 type electric 320~360 km water 2.5~3.0 ton

The semi-automatic pulp model production line includes two specifications, namely, ETS1200A and ETS1200B.

ETS1200B type electric -60~70 km water 0.4~0.5 tons

Above all kinds of pulp model production lines can be used to produce the following products: pulp molded egg holder, egg box, fruit holder, coffee holder and other paper molded products.

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